This collection follows the need and tradition of carving out essential tools out of natural and available materials.

These dishes were originally made as improvised multipurpose holders for the ceramic studio and quickly became cherished items among our visitors due to the casual way in which they’re crafted, blending leftover porcelains tainted with occasional color and other ceramic ingredients.

These catchalls are as useful to the potter himself for safeguarding jewelry that otherwise will get buried in clay as much as they are just beautiful objects by themselves on anyone's nightstand.

The color options that you see at the moment will vary as the materials available will always be different, resulting in limited editions.

Each piece comes out of a carved block of blended clays so their patterns are all unique.

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Isra Basurto

I’m a graphic designer and I’ve always chosen clay as my preferred canvas. I co-operate a creative workspace called LUR for small batch special project ceramics near Los Angeles where we host a bimonthly open studio.

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